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The Bright Start® Pregnancy Program

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Prestige Health Choice has a maternity case management program called Bright Start. The program provides nursing review and counseling, nutrition review, prenatal, delivery, postpartum services, and nursery care services in the hospital.

Bright Start combines scheduled written and telephonic outreach that provides point-of-contact notification of health needs to members. Bright Start uses provider and community programs, partnerships, and creative outreach strategies to facilitate member access to required services.

All obstetrics (OB) and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providers should refer to plan and state requirements below when caring for prenatal and postpartum members. For more information or assistance with members who are high risk or are not consistently getting prenatal care, contact Bright Start at 1-855-371-8076.

Pregnancy Notification Form

All prenatal and postpartum care requires the Pregnancy Notification Form (PDF) for proper and expedient payment of services. This authorization form covers three OB ultrasounds, all scheduled prenatal visits, and up to four postpartum follow-up appointments.

The Pregnancy Notification Form can be faxed to Prestige Bright Start at 1-855-358-5852, or submitted via the secure provider portal at

Keys to Your Care®

Keys to Your Care is a member outreach program that tracks and records prenatal and postnatal office visits and motivates our pregnant members to receive their routine pregnancy care. This program is designed to keep the member on track with her health and nutritional habits throughout her pregnancy, with the ultimate goal of delivering a healthy baby. After delivery, the member will continue to receive text messages and/or phone calls about her health and about the need for regular preventive care visits for her newborn through the 15-month well visit.

How the program works for providers

A Prestige member who has enrolled in the Keys to Your Care program presents to your office for her routine prenatal visit. You should inquire if she is enrolled in the Keys to Your Care program. A member who is enrolled may ask you for a code that she can send as confirmation of her visit. We ask that you please complete the following steps:

  • Use the Julian calendar (PDF) to find the code for that date of service (e.g., May 1 would be 122).
  • After obtaining the code, add the last two digits of the year to the end of the three digits (e.g., May 1, 2017 would be 12217).
  • If the member has her phone, give her the day’s text code (e.g., 12217) so she can text it to Keys to Your Care.
  • If the member does not have her phone with her at the time of her visit, please write down the text code on the next appointment card so she can text it to Keys to Your Care and get credit for her visit.
  • Some enrollees will be participating in the program but will not be receiving texts. If a member is enrolled in the program but not the texting portion of the program, she can contact Bright Start at 1-855-371-8076 and provide them with the code. Please be sure to provide the member with the code so she can call it in and receive credit.

See how Bright Start® works for members.