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Swimming lessons benefit enrollment begins April 1

Water safety is important to us in Florida. That’s why Prestige Health Choice offers a swimming and water safety lesson benefit for 1,000 of our members who are ages 6 months to 12 years. The plan will pay up to $200 per child directly to a Plan-approved agency or certified instructor.

We will begin accepting calls to enroll in the swimming lessons benefit on April 1, 2021, and continue through April 30, 2021. When you call us, we can help you find an approved swimming lesson location near you. We can only enroll 1,000 children, and enrollment is first-come, first-served. Members who receive the benefit can register for swimming lessons during the 2021 calendar year. Be sure to call Member Services at 1-855-355-9800 (TTY 1-855-358-5856) and enroll your eligible child as soon as April begins!

If you have any questions about member information, call Prestige Health Choice Member Services toll-free at 1-855-355-9800 (TTY 1-855-358-5856).